Pre/Post-Pregnancy Rehabilitation

pre or post ptegnancy rehabilitation


Pregnancy is a very special time but can cause health and mobility related issues which are caused by the changes that occur in our bodies during pregnancy. Our team is an expert at treating related discomfort and mobility issues that may occur during pregnancy.

Although the birth of a child is a time of immense joy, it can also be incredibly taxing as our bodies adjust to the needs of a newborn and new physical change. Understanding the challenges of this unique period, SMART Physio Care has created specialized pre- and post-pregnancy treatment programs to address any issues that may arise during and after pregnancy.

The common types of related conditions we treat include:

  • • Hip Pain
  • • Back Pain
  • • Carpel Tunnel
  • • Sciatica
  • • Symphysis pubis dysfunction
  • • Stress incontinence
  • • Physical and emotional stresses of pregnancy and labour
  • • Weakness in pelvic floor muscle

How is SMART Physio Care able to assist?

The musculoskeletal changes that pregnancy causes can be treated and assessed by our therapists, who are highly skilled in doing so. They can use different techniques to regain function and movement and to address any discomfort that may occur.

Since we are aware of the benefits of gentle exercise for both physical and emotional welfare, we offer a variety of exercise groups designed specifically for use during pregnancy and postpartum. Apart from the excellent physical health advantages, these programs give women the chance to network and get to know other expecting or new mothers in their neighborhood.

Because of their specialized training in women's health, our teachers are aware of the bodily changes and sensitivities that take place before, during, and after pregnancy. You will get support, guidance, and knowledge in our small, personal classes that will help you become ready for your new arrival.

Please visit SMART Physio Care or call at (+91-7730044533),(+91-9121675661) to schedule an appointment if you believe that you or someone you know will benefit from the interventions of a physiotherapist for Pre/Post-Pregnancy Rehabilitation.