Geriatric Rehabilitation

geriatric rehabilitation

Geriatric Physiotherapy

Aging is frequently associated with balance and mobility issues, which can increase the risk of falling in the elderly. Sometimes people become inactive out of fear of falling, which may result in a decline in their strength and function. The aging process can also be associated with other, more severe health issues that may impair a person's ability to operate and maintain independence. Geriatric physiotherapy can be beneficial in this situation. We incorporate the latest research in the field of geriatric physiotherapy that our highly experienced team has been studying.

Because each person is unique, we carefully evaluate each patient and go through their needs and expectations so that we can design a rehabilitation program specifically for them.

Balance training, gait re-education, the prescription and supervision of evidence-based strengthening and stretching exercises, and functional exercise plans are all components of such programs. When a patient is incapable of caring for themselves, we provide a relative or caregiver with education on how to utilize mobility and rehabilitation equipment. Geriatric physiotherapy attempts to avoid falls and increase the independence and well-being of the elderly by improving function, mobility, and strength.

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